Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thesis Submitted

Completed Projects 

Recommendation system for kids online merchandise 

Project objectives :
  • To enable the users to look for the current trends or up to date product in a more efficient way using the recommendation system
  • To provide a user with a rating system on each product and convinced the user to rate those product listed. For example, if they rate our product they will have special newsletter received to their emails regarding our promotion
  • To ensure that the algorithm of the rating system is being correctly implemented
  • To decrease spent time usage for busy parents and customer to buy their kids products by implementing an online shopping website

Undergoing Projects

A dedicated website that acts as an Intermediary platform for acquiring and providing instructive content based on application or research based projects

Project objectives : 
  • To enable end users to provide an open source code and tutorials for undergraduate and postgraduate student in completing their thesis
  • To become a Multi-platform hub for student graduates to seek for useful information regarding a specific field of interest
  • To decrease the time spent for researchers to search for queries in the world wide web
  • To include viable concept to interact with students via online methods
A systematic fridge that uses touch sensors and implement self-cleaning using computational system algorithm

Project objectives :
  • To upgrade existing fridge with integrated technological system with advanced AI capability
  • To enable the system to detect if the air combustion needs to be clean or send for maintenance due to excessive condensation 
  • To display high integrated touch screen panel by providing user with interaction capability
  • To implement a fridge that uses a WiFi based connection that can stream online media's 
A baby projector that uses augmented reality 

Project objectives :
  • To reduce the physical contact of baby towards devices that can be damage upon contact
  • To reduce the stress attended by busy parents in babysitting their love ones
  • To introduce a new concept of technology features to babies
  • To foster the development of technology in younger generation
An e-shop mobile application integrated with smart trolley technology

Project objectives :
  • To ease the customers in searching for their specific product inside a retail store
  • To replace existing trolley materials and integrate it with safe stable wires that function
  • To reduce the time for customers to calculate the mass of a non-label product by equipping the trolley with a systematic weighing machine inside the compartment of a trolley
  • To reduce the time it takes for a customer to remember their daily usage of product and grocery by introducing to e-shop mobile application

Currently developing

A smart-car-notify application that alert the car owner's for unauthorized parking or potential car theft within a closed territory using synchronized data 

Project objectives :
  • To alert the car owners of any potential car theft inside a parking space in a closed territory
  • To give out a clear and precise alert system to car owners regarding their car status in closed-covered building such as a shopping mall, office department, airport and etc
  • To boost up the security measures for parking spaces in shopping malls, office department, airport and etc
  • To introduce to people ways in which the internet of things would help people in day-to-day basis
Distributed iot infrastructure

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Recommendation System for Online Kids Merchandise

I can design website for students who are not familiar with Html and Css language, just provide me a rough sketch/draft of your design on a piece of paper or just provide me a list of websites design you prefer. 

Do contact me at

Admin MainPage

Users MainPage

New Users MainPage Layout

New Admin MainPage Layout

Layout 2 (Draft)

Currently seeking for any web-hosting company that offer reasonable price to put this website on a server including a domain name. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Friday, July 24, 2015

Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge - Cortana

I'm planning to upgrade my existing operating system which is windows 7 to windows 10, so basically there are two options, upgrade and clean install, since i am not familiar with this partition of disk i'll just upgrade my existing system and keep my old files aswell.